A Year of Breast Cancer

That title is somewhat misleading. For, I didn’t sit with that tumour in my breast for a whole year. Rather, I discovered via a routine mammogram in October 2015 that I had a small lump in my right breast. And in the last 12 months, I’ve endured surgeries, chemotherapy, weight gain, hair loss and depression. But I’m here now. Alive and well.

My last blog, Rocked By Pilates, chronicled my breast cancer journey. I was very honest in that blog, and lay my heart out. It was my outlet, where I could pour my emotions and I didn’t truly care who read it, or what they thought. The blog was for my own personal therapy.


I’ve decided to lay that blog to rest though, and continue my journey on Pink FitNut. I came up with the name purely because I felt I needed to help other women just like me. I started a Facebook Page under that same name, and created a closed group where women could write in for support and for help. Pink – well obviously pink is for breast cancer. Fit is for Fitness (I’m a Pilates instructor and Personal trainer), and Nut for Nutrition (I’m a certified Nutrition Coach).

It’s been a tumultuous year, but I think I’ve come out of it a better person. That sounds like such a cliché but it’s true. I don’t get so worked up over small things like traffic; I don’t yell at my kids (much!); and like a simply puppy, I really do enjoy the simple things in life. Like, at this very moment, I’m sitting on our balcony and there’s a lovely Breeze blowing and I couldn’t be happier. Really.

What can I do for other women? I am not that arrogant to think that I can provide them with the solutions, support, and answers for their fitness and nutrition and their breast cancer journey, but I think I can make a small difference to their lives. If nothing else, then maybe someone out there will be able to relate and if I can help one person, that that will be enough for me.

But this isn’t purely for breast cancer warriors (I prefer that to the moniker “survivors” because, every person who has had cancer has had to fight their damn hardest through it). This is for any woman out there, I hope to be able to help with their fitness and nutrition.

Well this is my first post, but not my last! Watch this space.