Green Tea Zing!

Today I started to write a serious post. It was serious because I was addressing something that was sent to me about how cancer was not a disease but a business, and all would be well if we just consumed more Vitamin B17. I did a quick search and found that there wasn’t a B17. So go figure. I then proceeded to write about being responsible about disseminating information that may be false and not scientifically proven.

Then I discarded that post. Because I was fed up. If I had published that post, I may have received back lash from those who advocate natural remedies to cure cancer. And I just didn’t want that sort of negativity in my life. I’m trying to eliminate stress in my life, not add to it. And if I’m going to post something that may be controversial, then I’d better be ready to accept any backlash. And I’m not ready for that at all.

So how does one reduce stress in one’s life? In the old days, I’d look forward to my 7 pm glass of crisp, cold Sauvignon Blanc. I’m no longer a huge drinker (I was an oil broker so drinking was part of the job); but I’m still trying to reduce my alcohol consumption. While I love drinking water, it just won’t cut the mustard when you’re being social or feel like you’re having a special drink does it?

I’ve discovered tea. While in London I came across the Australian tea shop T2. It was a hot sunny day, and I stumbled into that shop for some respite from the heat. Oh, it was like nirvana. The shop was just stunning and in front of me were a few jugs of iced tea. Different Flavours like “Strawberries and cream”, “fruitilicious”, “Pumping Pomegranate”. The jugs were see through and filled with summer berries, ice, lemon and lime slices, mint leaves. I had my first sip of strawberries and cream iced tea and fell in love. Right there and then I bought a few tins of their loose leaf tea. And today I’m going to share one of my favourites with you which I tried that day – Green Tea Zing.


Using matcha (green tea powder), you whisk it with nearly-boiled water (about 80C), add ice cubes and soda water or sparkling water and dress it up with whatever fruit and herbs you choose. I normally put slices of green Apple, limes and lemon and mint leaves. It makes for an interesting non alcoholic drink that’s perfect for a hot afternoon.


We grow our own mint on our balcony via a hydroponic tower from Aeropring Gardens and mint grows like a weed! So looks like it’s mint sauce for dinner this weekend, which means I’ve got to track me down some hormone free lamb.


Try this drink and let me know what you think! Here’s to creating stress free situations – cheers.