Pink FitNut was borne from a personal endeavour to do something positive about my breast cancer diagnosis. October 2015, I was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer and thus began my journey.

While I was going through surgeries and treatment, I found that writing was my solace. It was my therapy. My previous blog called Rocked By Pilates, pretty much documented that journey and all the emotions I was feeling.

But I still had much to do. I had a deep desire to help and seek out other women like me. I found talking to people who had gone through a similar journey truly helpful. So I started my Facebook page, Pink FitNut.

The name Pink FitNut came about as Pink, well, obviously it was to represent breast cancer. Fit represented Fitness, and Nut represented nutrition. I suppose it was no coincidence that I am a trained pilates Instructor specialising in breast cancer’ and I had recently been qualified as a nutrition coach. Both these skills I felt could help other women, as pilates has helped me tremendously.
What do I hope to achieve ?

I know breast cancer – Pink

I know fitness and Pilates – Fit

I know nutrition – Nut.

Bringing all three together seemed like a good idea to help other breast cancer warriors out there who felt like “now what” after their surgery or treatment. It’s easy enough to find out about stuff on the Internet, but it can be very daunting and also you may just feel not up to it.

So I thought being an experienced (so to speak!) warrior in all three – breast cancer being my newest notch on my CV, I wanted to reach out to as many people as I can.

I hope to bring about some ideas about how pilates (and fitness) can assist your recovery.

I hope to provide some ideas about nutrition and to share some of my favourite recipes and research.

I hope to provide a global support network.
Big ideas? Maybe, but we all have to start somewhere!


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